Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Snow White and the Huntsman Poster (Kristen Stewart)

MTV have just released a new Snow White and the Huntsman Poster featuring the beautiful Kristen Stewart as Snow White!  Check it out below.

You can see posters of the Huntsman and the Queen over on the official SWATH Facebook page.

New Snow White and the Huntsman Images!

Check out the new images of Snow White from the Snow White's Kingdom game on the official SWATH Facebook page!
The game also gave us two on-the set videos earlier. Check those out by clicking here.

Another new role for Robert Pattinson! "The Rover"

It really has been a big 24 hours for Robert Pattinson and his fans!
On top of the three Cosmopolis clips we got today, and his new film-role "Mission: Blacklist #1" being confirmed, we now have even more news!!
His rep has just confirmed to Gossip Cop that he has yet another new role! 

The Rover.

The Rover follows one man’s pursuit through the Australian Outback of the men who stole his car.

It will be directed by David Michod (Animal Kingdom) and produced by Tory Metzger and David Linde’s Lava Bear.
Pattinson will play 
alongside Guy Pearce as a character named Reynolds, the brother of a thief who gets left behind when an encounter with the police goes very wrong.

We'll update with more details when we g
et them!

EOne Closing Deal for ‘Cosmopolis’ North American and UK Distribution

Cannes is two weeks away and already the deals are percolating. Yesterday, The Weinstein Company paid upwards of $3 million for the Dustin Hoffman-directed Quartet. Now, I’m told EOne is closing in on a deal to pay $2 million for North American and UK distribution rights to Cosmopolis, the David Cronenberg-directed adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel that stars Robert Pattinson as financial wunderkind Eric Packer, who risks his entire fortune to bet against the yen on a tumultuous day. 
His deed puts him in the crosshairs for assassination in a drama that is a study of capitalism in a slightly futuristic metropolis. Most of the scenes in the book take place in the limousine that transports Packer from place to place. Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti and Samantha Morton also star. EOne has distribution pipelines in Canada and England, and I’m told it will also distribute in the U.S. The acquisition seems pricey, though Cronenberg certainly has a following in his home turf in Canada. 

2 New "SWATH" On Set Clips

THREE New Clips from Cosmopolis!

Added 3rd clip. Not sure if it's already been seen, but it's new to me :)
I added it to the very end of the post.

Today we've been treated to two scenes from the much anticipated Cosmopolis, both of which were glimpsed at in the Cosmopolis trailers we got last month.

Check out the clips below and make sure to let us know what you think! :D

#1 Original Video has gone a bit weird so here it is on YouTube

Source / via

#3 was on Allocine but I can't get it to work anymore, so here it is on YouTube :

Robert Pattinson's New Film Role Announced!
"Mission: Black List #1"

SQUEE!!!! We have some really exciting news!
Robert Pattinson's next film role has been announced!! :D

                                                                From Deadline:
LOS ANGELES, CA – May 2, 2012 – Robert Pattinson has come on board to star in the upcoming film “Mission: Blacklist” with Jean-St├ęphane Sauvaire committed to direct.

The screenplay was adapted by “Band of Brothers” writer and producer Erik Jendresen from the Harper Collins novel Mission: Black List #1 written by military interrogator Eric Maddox with Davin Seay. Ross M. Dinerstein, Managing Partner of Preferred Content, is producing alongside Jendresen and Kevin Waller. 

Embankment Films, the international sales and distribution company recently launched by international sales veterans Tim Haslam and Hugo Grumbar will begin selling the film at the upcoming Cannes Film Market. 

“Mission: Blacklist” is a psychological thriller that details the true, inside story of the search for Saddam Hussein and the interrogator, Eric Maddox, who spearheaded his capture. 

“This movie is a gripping, edge of your seat thriller,” says Dinerstein. “I have been inspired by Robert and Jean-St├ęphane’s dedication to tell this story in the most authentic way possible, and I’m thrilled to add Hugo and Tim to our team.” 

Pattinson can next be seen in David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis,” which is premiering at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Sauvaire’s last film, “Johnny Mad Dog,” premiered at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Prize of Hope. 

WME represents Pattinson, Jendresen, and Sauvaire. Pattinson is managed by 3 Arts Entertainment and represented by the Curtis Brown Group in the UK. Sauvaire is managed by Anonymous Content. 
The deal was brokered by WME Global’s Graham Taylor and Deborah McIntosh and PreferredContent’s Kevin Iwashina and Christine D’Souza. WME Global and Preferred Content will be corepresenting the North American rights.

So... do you think that this why Rob shaved off the hair? (Maybe for the audition?)
Many had speculated that it was for a new film role, but most people decided that it was just because of the bad haircut he was left with after shooting Cosmopolis.

For more information about the Black List story, click here.
To find out more about Eric (who Rob will be playing) then click here or just check out the video below - it's of Eric Maddox himself talking about his mission. 
It will give you an idea of who Rob is going to be playing.

Thanks Robsessed!